The Apostolakis traditional Cretan bakery opened in 1962 in the picturesque, mountainous village of Embrosnero of Apokoronas in Chania Crete. Visionary and devotee of fine tastes, Andreas Apostolakis realized the need for a bakery not only in his village but also in the neighborly ones. He quickly learnt the art of baking, experimented with new recipes and ideas, alongside with his brother and this is when Apostolakis Brother Bakery became a reality. Using one of the first commercial vehicles of that period, Andreas delivered bread goods to the neighborly villages. After Andreas marriage to Katina Hatzidakis who was from Askifou, the bakery broadened its variety and included new savory tastes from Sfakia.

   Later, the bakery was handed down to Dimitris Apostolakis, son of Andreas, who now runs the bakery with his wife Smaragda. They continue to be devoted to tradition and quality using:

  • Pure oil of olive
  • Sour dough
  • Spices from the region and
  • Cretan flour

   Taste our traditional products all day, with recipes of Cretan and Mediterranean cooking.